2×2 Weave Pole Training DVD – Review

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It used to be a long and laborious task, luring a dog in and out of weave poles until eventually the penny dropped and assuming they didn’t decide that no lure=no weaves. Then we have channel weaves and we slowly brought the channel in until the dog weaved, assuming they didn’t decide, no channel=no weaves.

Then we got Susan Garrett’s 2×2 Weave Pole Training technique. Susan Garrett is well known as being one of the top agility handlers in the world. The success she has achieved with each of her dogs has been amazing and she is a regular competitor at world standard events.

The DVD claims that you can get to 12 pole weaving in 12 days, that’s a pretty strong statement but Susan demonstrates just that on this DVD and with a borrowed dog. We really liked that you also get to see mistakes, when the training isn’t perfect and how Susan then manages these situations.

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2x2 weave poles

From Jump4JoyAgility

If you’re looking for independent entries on the weaves and a solid understanding of the behaviour then it’s difficult to see how this technique wouldn’t be for you. You do need to have weaves which allow you to set up the ‘gates’  though stick in the ground poles will be fine to start off with as long as your dog isn’t one who literally pushes the poles to one side.

You also need a methodical approach, be able to systemically work through the stages and have some good observation skills but they’re all things which you ideally need for any type of training. So structure in the training and allowing your dog the opportunity to understand the foundations of the weave behaviour before pushing on too quickly are important.


The DVD isn’t cheap but if you consider the cost of going on a days training then actually it’s a real bargain!

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