Adaptil Calm On-The Go Collar

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4/5 on March 5, 2018

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Dog behaviour problems often take time, knowledge and a good deal of patience to resolve. Anything which might help a little bit, take a bit of an edge off or help the dog to be calmer, has to be a good thing. And that I think is the best way to see the Adaptil Collar. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll put the collar on your dog and suddenly everything is wonderful.

If you’re not familiar with Adaptil, it essentially aims to replicate the ‘comforting messages’ that a mother dog releases to comfort her litter through dog appeasing pheromones. No matter your dog’s age, they still have the same calming effect, at least that’s the claim that Adaptil makes.


The Adaptil collar makes more sense to us than the diffusers. They’re on the dog and go everywhere with the dog to provide that continual effect. Just remember to remove if you need to shampoo your dog for any reason. The collar lasts for four weeks and you might have to wait for around seven days before you see any difference.

The collar is though all about relieving stress, so lack of training, medically based problems, anything not stress related, it’s not going to help.

What’s The Evidence For Adaptil?

Well, it’s a bit mixed. There’s certainly research which seems to support the effectiveness of Adaptil. From noise sensitive Beagles to reducing the anxiety of kenneled dogs to those scared of fireworks Adaptil seems to help. That said there is equally research which indicates that there were very limited positive benefits through its use.

What I’ve found is that overall, most of the time, it does seem to help but that to resolve the issue it needs to be accompanied by a behavioural programme. So, worst case scenario, you’re around £17.00 down but it also might just help that extra little bit to make a big difference.