All things puppy are on our mind at the moment!


Our latest foster puppy has arrived!  I love puppies through my rose tinted glasses but I’ve had a stark reminder of the time and effort needed to ensure that these snuggly bundles grow up into adult dogs who are a joy to own.

Fidget is a Spanish Galgo pup, found on the streets with his Mum and litter, he was caught alongside 5 of his brothers. Sadly Mum and 2 pups evaded all attempts to get them to safety. Even sadder of the 6 that arrived at the rescue only 3 managed to survive parvo. Fidget then went on to have a chest infection and stomach full of worms to contend with. So he was in much need of some tender loving care.

So those rose tinted glasses are firmly put to the back of the cupboard.  In their place is a rolled up newspaper to bash myself over the head with when I fail to pay attention and Fidget has an accident in the house. Puppies have little bladder control and Fidget *needs* to go as soon as he has finished eating or woken up. No time to put on trainers, stick the kettle on or just finish writing that email, he needs to go *right now*!

Training is coming along nicely and he’s developing a great recall, sit, down and a hand touch. He has walked perfectly on the lead the first time he went out which is fantastic, one thing less to train!

Right now his favourite toy is the Kong Floppy Knot Bunny.Kong Floppy Knots Bunny Perfect for Puppy You might be more familiar with Kongs rubber toys but they also have an ever growing range of other toys as well. With no stuffing to pull out, they make great targets for those super sharp puppy teeth. You can read our full review of the toy here.

And now, puppy sleeps, so a frantic half hour of working before we dash for the door again!