Animology Fox Poo Shampoo – Is It Up To The Job?

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5/5 on March 8, 2018

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Animology Fox Poo ShampooYou know that moment when your dogs do a Bistos kid impression. Inextricably drawn to the unforgettable aroma of fox poo, rapidly followed by the full body roll. Added points come from managing to get it embedded into their collar or positioned on the shoulder so that it catches your trousers as you walk along. Then there’s the journey home, car windows wide open no matter the weather trying to hold back gagging nausea. And finally the clean-up operation. That’s where Animology Fox Poo Shampoo comes in.

This specialist shampoo from Animology has been designed to get rid of the smelly stuff quickly. It’s low foam so bath time is much quicker compared to other products and that has to be a good thing! Added conditioner and pro-vitamin B5 and your dog should come out looking like a model from a glossy magazine.

Our Verdict

It did exactly what it promised. Now I have to say it wasn’t fox poo that it was tested on but instead rotting fish. Living close to a tidal river there are times when the water breaches the banks and when it recedes it can leave fish behind. The dogs seem to ignore them until they get to the decomposing state and then they become irresistible. Dunked into the bath and then a good blob of the shampoo seemed to work. A cautious sniff afterwards found that the fishy smell had gone and it was replaced by a sweet-smelling pooch