Autarky Adult Dog Chicken Food

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4/5 on March 3, 2018

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Autarky Adult Chicken Food

Autarky Adult Dog Chicken FoodThis might not be a name that you’re familiar with but with a rebranding of Autarky just completed it might be one you see more of in the future. Autarky is manufactured by Dodson and Horrell who is perhaps better known for their horse feeds and supplements. They are a British company, holding Royal Warrants and have been in business since 1939, so pretty impressive credentials.

So the food, it’s 26% chicken meal but the number one ingredient is maize. Maize comes with some controversy, the pet food industry claim that its a nutritious source of carbohydrate. Critics, however, argue that it’s difficult for dogs to digest and as a result, it can lead to allergies or intolerance. You know your dog best, a tendency for skin problems? Perhaps chatting with your vet about missing out on the maize might not be a bad idea. But maize aside, you then get as a heap of healthiness with alfalfa, peas, carrot, seaweed, blackcurrant and more being added in. In total around 4% veggies and .4% in herbs.

So the taste test, no problems there. The dogs all ate the food, even the collie who can be a little picky when there’s no ‘good stuff’ added in. Poo test passed as well, no problems the next day so it seems to be quite gentle on the stomach as well.

Feeding guide suggests 300g for a 20kg dog so quite a bit more than some of the top end feeds but then Autarky can be purchased for under £20 for a 12kg sack! For the level of chicken that’s a pretty impressive price.

Other varieties available include grain free, junior and lite.

Our verdict?

An excellent choice if you’re looking for a good quality mid-range food.