Come on England! E-collar ban to be introduced in Scotland


Is the Ban on the E-Collar coming to England?

Wales lead the way back in 2010 with a ban on the e-collar. The potential for a 6-month prison sentence or a fine of up to £20,000 should be enough to dissuade most from their use. We’ve seen the first cases come to the courts and though some of the fines have been relatively low, Ogmore – £2,000, it’s still confirmation that action will be taken.

Then this week Scotland announced a u-turn on their 2017 decision and will also be implementing a ban on their use.

So we’re now left with a crazy situation where 2 countries within the UK have recognised the barbaric nature of the e-collar but England and Northern Ireland still allow their legal use.

The world of dog training has gone through dramatic changes. Reward-based training is offered by so many trainers and why wouldn’t they? It works and the dogs love learning this way. The Kennel Club hilight the research against their use –

1 in 4 dogs showed signs of stress compared to less than 5% of dogs in the non-electric shock collar control group (Defra commissioned study AW1402, 2013)

1 in 3 dogs yelp at the first use of electric shock collar and 1 in 4 yelp at subsequent uses (Defra commissioned study AW1402, 2013)

73% of the public disapproves of the use of electric shock collars on dogs (Kennel Club commissioned survey, 2014)

79% of the public agree that positive reinforcement training methods can address behavioural issues in dogs without the need for negative training methods (Kennel Club commissioned survey, 2014)

74% of the public would support the government introducing a ban on electric shock collars (Kennel Club commissioned survey, 2014)

To still allow e-collars when there is no need is a crazy situation. We owe it to our faithful friends to continue campaigning until the UK in its entirety, ban their use.