Forthglade Duck, Potato and Vegetables Wet Dog Food

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5/5 on March 9, 2018

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Who Are Forthglade?

Forthglade is a UK company who are based down in Devon. If you’ve been around dogs for a while you might have known them for their range of frozen raw foods which they stopped selling back in 2015. Forthglades now focus entirely on processed feeds along with a range of treats.

Our dogs very kindly and without too much convincing agreed to try the Duck, Potato and Vegetable wet food. This comes in a 395g pack and is available in both single and multipack boxes which reduces the price a little.

Forthglade is strong on promoting the natural ingredients used, describing them as 100% natural with just added vitamins. The feeds are free from fillers and artificial additives and are classified as hypo-allergenic

The Taste Test

Forthglade Dog FoodUnlike some dog foods which comes in sealed tubs, this one was easy to open. No knife needed or accompanying swearing to get into it. There was a distinct but not unpleasant smell, it certainly got the dogs attention but didn’t have me gagging!

The texture of the food is very smooth, almost like a pate. There was no obvious sight of the vegetables and for many dogs that can be a good thing, we’ve certainly had dogs in the past who would spit out anything remotely vegetable looking!

For the purposes of the test, all the dogs got a few spoonfuls of Forthglade added to their normal dry food, that way we should avoid disastrous rear ends. To much excitement and with no hesitation all three dogs dived in. Interestingly the Forthglade was licked off the dry food first rather than a head in and eat approach which is certainly Reg’s usual approach.

Forthglade dog food Forthglade dog food

The Forthglade Wet Food RangeThe range is impressive with four different collections available:

  • Grain Free –  including salmon, ocean fish, turkey and lamb
  • Gourmet – including beef and wild boar and duck and venison
  • Complete with Brown Rice – including turkey, lamb and chicken
  • Just 90% (to be added to a complete dry food) – including chicken & tripe and just beef.

Our Verdict

A definite thumbs up from us. The dogs loved it, the price is good for the quality of the food and the range of flavours is excellent.