It’s Cold Outside!


Dogs and Snow.

Our dogs seem to have a love it or hate it response to the white stuff, some bouncing in the snow like Bambi whilst others suggest that they just curl up on the sofa instead. This infographic from Petplan provides some really good information about deciding what’s okay for outside games.There’s also a good reminder that the size of your dog matters when considering if its safe for them to be outside for long.

A Temporary Dog Coat?

Need a quick and easy coat for your dog? Find an old sweater and chop off an arm at the shoulder. Your dogs head is going to go through the sleeve cuff so all you the need to do is cut two holes for the front legs and you’re all done!

Walking on Pavements or Roads?

That salt can create havoc for your dog’s pads causing them to become dry and cracked. If yours are like mine they then spend time licking and cleaning them which isn’t going to help and creates the risk of your dog ingesting the chemicals. A quick wipe when you get home can make all the difference.