Kong Floppy Knots Bunny – Perfect For Puppy Teeth

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4/5 on February 7, 2018

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60 reviews

Kong Floppy Knots are the latest soft toy within the Kong range. The internal knotted rope removes the risk of stuffing explosions and provides a nice ‘floppy’ design which the dogs like to throw around. So far we’ve not had any damage to bunny despite the best attempts from both sharp puppy teeth and the more determined terrier’s attempt to rip it to bits!

There are squeakers but the dogs don’t seem to be fixated on them. They’re of the quieter muted type squeak rather than the ear piercing type and seem to be hidden quite deeply so that the dogs only seem to find them every now and then. Bunny is made of different textures, seems like a tough canvas on the body and ears and then a velvety type material on the rest of the body. It seems a little unpadded to be a toy to cuddle up to but as you can see in the photo, it seemed to tick all the boxes!

Four different characters to collect, Bunny, Fox, Elephant and Hippo. When the toy is this good-looking and long lasting it would be a shame not to have them all.!

What We Love About The Kong Floppy Knots

  • Tough
  • Little stuffing
  • Quiet squeak
  • Eye-catching design


What We Don’t Love About the Kong Floppy Knots

  • Bunny does get wet and soggy easily
  • These are quite heavy toys so ensure you get the right size for your dog