Naturo Lamb and Rice With Vegetables Adult Dog Food

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2/5 on March 3, 2018

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Naturo Dog Food
Naturo Dog Food

Naturo is one of the growing numbers of premium pet foods.  We tried the wet food version which comes in a foil sealed tray and weighs 400g. There are a number of different varieties including ones for pups, older dogs and those who need a grain free version.

On paper, this looks to be a great food with 60% lamb including 10% lamb bone and then carrots, peas and potatoes.   No nasty additives which tend to be associated with the cheaper foods and the food is classed as hypoallergenic. 20% rice is also in the ingredients but this is brown rice rather than white which has a more limited nutritional value.

Feeding wise, you’re looking at around 2 x 400g trays for a 10kg dog, half of that if you’re going to mix it in with dry food.

On their website, Naturo discusses their commitment to local sourcing of ingredients.  On their environmental credentials,  the packaging is made from 100% recyclable material.

So hands up, I’m an indecisive dog food feeder! I swop brands frequently, the dogs often get raw meals and sometimes I cook up some food as well. They get various animal body parts for treats and they’re partial to rabbit droppings and decomposing creatures they find on walks. So pretty much cast iron stomachs. I split the 400g pack of Naturo between 3 dogs and added it to their dried food. Result? Explosive diarrhoea, steaming liquid diarrhoea from all of them. Nothing else had changed, the only difference was the inclusion of the Naturo. Now as already mentioned, this food ticks lots of boxes as being high-quality  but something wasn’t right for my gang. I see lots of positive reviews on other sites for the range and so have no doubt that many dogs do very well on it. Give it a go by all means, but perhaps just buy one tray, to begin with….