Get Snuffling With a Snuffelmat!

The SnuffelmatIf you’ve not yet come across the Snufflemat where have you been?  The Snuffelmat was one of the first of its type and is made by dog enthusiasts in the Netherlands but its easily available in the UK.

The product comes in a DIY format so make sure you set aside time to put it together, its the perfect job to do whilst sat on the sofa watching tv. We found the video clips on Youtube to be really useful in working out what to do with hundreds of strips of fleece and the rubber mat within the package. Once made up you simply hide some treats within the fleece strips and let your dog snuffle away.

Benefits of the Snuffelmat

For most dogs, food time is the highlight of the day but having seen the speed with which some dogs empty their bowl, it’s over pretty quickly. The Snuffelmat slows everything down. Your dog’s nose gets a bit of a workout and it’s a great way of providing some mental stimulation at the same time.

First Introductions To The Snuffelmat

If you have a sedentary snuffler then on you go, if you have a more active snuffler then you do need to make the first few goes really easy. So that’s dropping a few treats right on top of the mat, that way your dog doesn’t start pulling it apart or carrying it around. We found that it really didn’t take our dogs long to snuffle rather than use their teeth.  We’d still suggest supervising your dog whilst there are treats hidden and then to remove the Snuffelmat at the end of the game. It’s certainly not indestructible and most dogs could make short work of it, if not supervised and if they are still using teeth rather than their nose.

What we love about the Snuffelmat

  • The dogs love it! That has to be a good enough reason to get one!
  • No more ‘inhaling’ of food in record time
  • A simple idea which is perfectly designed

What we don’t love about the Snuffelmat

  • Making it was a bit of a chore, find something to watch on tv while you do it.
  • You do need to supervise your dog whilst they are using the Snuffelmat. Not suitable for leaving with your dog whilst you go out
  • We washed ours on a cold wash inside a pillowcase but it does need a washing machine, we think, to keep it clean.