The Snuggle Puppy, providing some reassurance for your pup.

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4/5 on February 8, 2018

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Imagine being pulled away from your family and left to sleep on your own for the first time ever. Sounds pretty scary doesn’t it but that’s exactly what happens when we rehome a puppy. Now we know we’re going to shower them with love and attention but nighttimes might be a difficult time when everyone has gone to bed and they feel all alone. And that’s where the Snuggle Puppy comes in.  Your puppy gets the chance to snuggle next to a warm soft ‘puppy’ with a ‘heart beat’.

Snuggle PuppyTwo AA batteries power the ‘heart’ which is hidden away in a pouch which is secured with velcro. You can also add in a disposable heat pack which lasts for around 20 hours.

Snuggle puppy was an instant hit with our foster pup. He immediately curled up with it and went to sleep. And if you’ve ever had several days of interrupted sleep with a new puppy then you’ll know how fantastic a full nights sleep feels when you get it!



What We Love About the Snuggle Puppy

  • Our puppy instantly loved it
  • It is super soft that it encouraged snuggling up to it
  • Despite being a little sceptical it really did seem to help provide some comfort

What We Don’t Love about the Snuggle Puppy

  • The heat packs are disposable and last 20 hours, so you’re probably going to get through a few
  • We worried about the heat pack and ‘heart’ being secured just by velcro but that said, pup never managed to remove them